Are you looking for a finance tutor? Graduate Tutor’s finance tutoring team is just what you need. We provide tutoring for a variety of finance courses including corporate finance, financial analysis, investment management, M&A, restructuring, valuations, applied equity finance, options, etc. Read on to find out how our finance tutors can assist you with finance tutoring.

Common topics covered by our finance tutors

Our finance tutors provide live one on one finance tutoring in a wide variety of topics. The finance topics we tutor include all the topics encountered in a business program including:

Principles of Corporate Finance by by Brealy, Myers and Allen

One of the many finance textbooks we use while tutoring: “Principles of Corporate Finance” by Brealy, Myers and Allen

  • Time Value of Money
  • Investment Decision Making
  • Risk Returns
  • Capital Allocation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Capital Asset Pricing Models (CAPM)
  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory
  • Multifactor Models
  • Bond Pricing & Valuation
  • Stock Pricing & Equity Valuation
  • Term Structures
  • Financial Statement Analysis Using Ratios
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Derivatives
  • International Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

This is a sample list only. We will be happy to provide you finance tutoring in the topics you need assistance with.

Textbooks used by our finance tutoring team

Our finance  tutors are well-versed in the principles of finance and can tutor students from any managerial or corporate finance textbook. In our experience, the most popular tutoring requests have been for:

  • Brealy, Myers and Allen – Principles of Corporate Finance  
  • Ross, Westerfield and Jaffe – Corporate Finance  Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Ross Westerfield Jordan
  • Suk Kim, Seung Kim – Global Corporate Finance: Text and Cases
  • Robert Higgins – Analysis for Financial Management
  • Jonathan Berk  and Peter DeMarzo – Corporate Finance
  • Bruce Tuckman,  – Fixed Income Securities
  • Sheridan Titman and John Martin – Valuation: The Art & Science of Corporate Investment Decisions
  • Mossambiq Peter – Real Estate Finance
  • Frank Fabozzi – Bond Markets, Analysis and Strategies
  • Louis C. Gapenski – Healthcare Finance: An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management

This is only a sample list of the finance textbooks our finance tutoring team has used to tutor students . Your finance tutor will use your textbook or notes to assist you.

Backgrounds & qualifications of our finance tutors

Our finance tutors are PhDs, MBAs and CPAs.   Our tutors include those who have three decades of university level teaching experience, four decades of auditing and consulting experience, private equity, consulting and investment management experience or are the authors of books.  This is only a sample of backgrounds of the members of Graduate Tutor’s finance tutoring team. Our tutors are typically working professionals in various organizations and so prefer not to post their profiles online. We will be happy to provide you your finance tutor’s background before you start being tutored by

Finance courses come in “different shapes, sizes and styles”

All universities and business programs teach finance.  However, they set different standards, focus on different topics and use a wide variety of course names.  A list of common courses / titles is provided below:

  • Introductory Finance
  • Intermediate Finance
  • Advanced Finance
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Principles of Finance
  • Managerial Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Finance & Management
  • Finance for Managers
  • Investment Management
  • Valuation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Applied Financial Management
  • Real Options and Investment Alchemy

We will be happy to assist you with finance tutoring for your finance course whatever your professor has named it!

Finance courses we have provided finance tutoring in

sample list of courses we have tutored students in include:

  • 15.401 & 15.402 Finance Theory I & II, MIT-Sloan MBA
  • Management 130A. Basic Managerial Finance, UCLA Undergraduate
  • 2303 – An Integrated Approach to Financial Statement Analysis, NYU-Stern MBA
  • 3304 – Modeling Financial Statements, NYU-Stern MBA
  • 2311 Foundations of Finance, NYU-Stern MBA
  • 2302 Corporate Finance, NYU-Stern MBA
  • 2331 Financial Theory I, NYU-Stern MBA
  • 2332 Financial Theory II, NYU-Stern MBA
  • 0027 Mathematics of Investments, NYU-Undergraduate
  • 0007 Financial Management, NYU-Undergraduate
  • 0002 Foundations of Financial Markets, NYU-Undergraduate
  • 0008 Corporate Finance Topics, NYU-Undergraduate
  • MGMT 610 Financial Management I, Purdue
  • FN7422 Corporate Finance, Fordham MBA
  • MGMT 413 Advanced Corporate finance
  • B7303 Advanced Corporate Finance, Columbia GSB MBB & EMBA, New York
  • MBA6162 Advanced Finance. Capella MBA
  • 0104-846 Financial Analysis & Planning, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • CFA SS5 Financial Reporting and Analysis, CFA program
  • F600 Managerial Finance, McMaster MBA
  • FIN 500 Corporate Finance, West Virginia
  • B7301 Corporate Finance, Columbia MBA
  • Corporate Finance for Executives, Chicago Booth
  • Managerial Finance I & II, Kellogg Evanston
  • FINC-430 Finance I, North Western
  • FINC-441 Finance II, North Western
  • FINC-440 Finance I/II, North Western
  • FINC-442 Financial Decisions, North Western
  • ACC 411 – Business Valuation, NC State
  • ACC 420 – Strategic Finance and Planning, NC State
  • BUS 225 – Personal Finance, NC State
  • BUS 320 – Financial Management, NC State
  • BUS 412 – Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs, NC State
  • BUS 422 – Investments and Portfolio Management, NC State
  • BUS 425 – Advanced Personal Financial Management, NC State
  • Core-Managerial Finance, Cornell MBA
  • BUS 520: Finance, Emory Goizueta Full Time MBA
  • BUS 520Y – Finance, Emory Goizueta One Year MBA
  • B6301 – Corporate finance, Columbia MBA
  • Corporate Finance, Columbia EMBA
  • Finance, Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA
  • FIN 601 Financial Policies, Cleveland MBA
  • FIN 501 Financial Management, Cleveland MBA
  • FIN 353 Introduction to Investments, Cleveland UG
  • FIN 360 Financial Markets & Institutions, Cleveland UG
  • FIN 351 Introduction to Financial Management, Cleveland UG
  • FIN 353 Introduction to Investments, Cleveland UG
  • FIN 360 Financial Markets and Institutions, Cleveland UG
  • 520E – Managerial Finance, Emory Goizueta Weekend EMBA
  • FN7421 Principles of Modern Finance, Fordham MBA
  • FN7422 Corporate Finance, Fordham MBA
  • FN7430 Investment Analysis, Fordham MBA
  • FN7460 Portfolio Management, Fordham MBA
  • FN7431 Options and Futures Markets, Fordham MBA
  • FN7470 Real Estate Finance, Fordham MBA
  • FN7472 Real Estate Financing Alternatives, Fordham MBA
  • MGMT 310 Financial Management, Purdue Krannert UG

This is only a sample list of finance courses we have covered in the recent past. We will be happy to provide you finance tutoring for your specific finance class.

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