What is GraduateTutor.com?

GraduateTutor.com is an educational services company that provides online tutoring, educational assistance and other services for business school students and administrators.

How do I create an account?

Students can call, email or register with GraduateTutor.com using the ‘Sign Up Now’ form on each page. We talk to each student to understand their specific needs and expectations so we can assign a tutor with the right level of experience, qualifications and background to work with the student. 

How much does it cost?

Please see our “Pricing” tab for more details. Prices are based on the subject that you need tutoring in as well as the academic level of tutoring.

Do I have to schedule sessions in advance?

No, if a tutor is available for the subject you require tutoring for, you are welcome to avail of immediate assistance.

However, to help us serve you better, we recommend that you schedule sessions in advance and email the tutor the area/topic you require assistance in. If possible, please provide a soft copy of the material that you wish to study.

Do I have to use a whole hour every time I sign in?

No, you can use blocks of 30 minutes.

I had a tutor I really liked – can I request that same tutor for my next session?

Yes, please email us at care “at” graduatetutor.com and we will work with you to facilitate this.

I am not satisfied with the tutoring session.

If you are not satisfied with the assistance you are receiving, please stop the tutoring withing the first 30 minutes and email us at care “at” graduatetutor.com. After we understand the cause of your dissatisfaction, we will either credit you the time and provide you with another tutor or refund you your money.

What is your refund policy?

All appointments are confirmed on a “first pay” basis. This means that appointments are confirmed only on receipt of payment with sufficient time to get on the tutor’s schedule. Confirmed appointments must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the scheduled start of the session for a full refund.

What is an electronic whiteboard?

An electronic whiteboard is a substitute for your notebook. Your tutor and you use it to write on during your tutoring session like you would use paper or a notebook.

Instead of a regular pen or pencil, you use a digital pen. Digital pens are available at most leading stores. Amazon.com has a few digital pens listed.

What are the computer requirements?

A modern computer with a microphone and an internet connection is all that you need. If you have used Skype or a similar application, you should have everything you need.

  • Any recent computer/laptop (Mac or PC)
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Microphone/speakers (or a combined headset) that you would use for voice-chat on Skype or other messenger services

I am experiencing a technical issue, what do I do?

Webex tech support is available at 1866 229 3239 if you are facing Webex technical difficulties. You can also try out Webex before your tutoring session so you are well prepared. Please email us at care “at” graduatetutor.com or at call us at +1-214 691 8721 and we will resolve this for you at the earliest.