Confidentiality of your personal information

We will not sell your information for any price. a private tutoring service. We gather a variety of information from our website visitors and students. We gather personally identifiable and non identifiable information directly from students tutoring with us and services like Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses its own cookies and DoubleClick cookie to provide us information on our visitors. You can read more about their privacy policies here and can opt out of using their opt out browser plugin. Any information that we gather from you will only be used to serve you better. Your information is confidential and only shared with 1) our tutor so that he or she may be able to contact you and provide you the tutoring you seek and 2) office staff to enable them to manage the tutoring process & functions (including accounting, student relationship staff, customer satisfaction, etc). Any information is shared otherwise only in the case of a legal requirement from a Government agency or a legal dispute.

Payment information

Do not provide any confidential payment information to anyone over the phone, email or any other way. We do not collect any credit card or other payment information from you or any of our customers. We process our payments via Paypal and Google Checkout/Wallet. These two companies manage the payment process and are responsible for maintaining the security of your information. Please review the privacy policy on their respective websites.

Partners & promotions

If you use a promotion code sponsored by a partner or come via a university that we have a relationship with, you information may be shared with the other party as required.

Other vendors for email, scheduling, communication, etc uses many third party products, software, systems such as phones, servers, mailing software, etc to run its business (eg site5 for hosting, Google for communication, mailchimp and Awebber for email management, etc). These third parties are responsible for maintaining the security of your information. Please review the privacy policy on their respective websites.


In the event of any disputes, we first try and resolve the dispute directly with the customer. Should that not work, we will seek a third party to help reach a settlement. Any information required to arrive at the settlement will be provided to the third party.

Law & safety

If your information is required to be shared by law or we believe is required to be shared to protect someone from possible injury or harm in any way, or is required to be shared as part of an internal or external investigation, will be entitled to share it at their discretion.

Third party websites links to other websites for various purposes. We do not own these sites nor control the content for these sites. We do not take any liability or responsibility for their content or actions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.