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Graduate Tutor’s CPA, MBA or CFA tutors provide live 1-o-1 online tutoring to help you understand decision trees and build decision trees. Decision trees provide a logical approach to decision making.  Decision trees layout the steps in which decisions need to be made and possible outcomes (events) with their probability of occurrence at every point.

Every MBA, CFA and generally any business degree student will encounter decision trees as it is a very useful business decision making tool.

Decision trees are linked in a sequence from left to right. In a decision tree, decisions, events, and end outcomes are represented by decision tree nodes and connected by branches.  Decision tree nodes can be of two types: Decision notes and chance nodes. The probability of an event occurring is estimated for every outcome.

You can learn how to build decision trees with Graduate Tutor’s CPA/MBA/CFA tutors online. Decision trees homework help & tutoring online is convenient as it saves you valuable time traveling.  It is effective as you learn from qualified tutors and not fellow students.

When you have completed a decision tree well, you will have a diagram starting with a single “root” on the left side connected with various branches.  These branches represent various paths (decisions notes and chance nodes).  Probabilities of the various events occurring and payoffs for each branch / events are also represented in the decisions trees.

Decision Tree Software & Tools

Decision trees can be drawn by hand or using various decision tree software or tools. Tools include treeplan Edraw, Smartdraw, Zingtree, IBM’s SPSSPrecisiontree from PalisadeLucidchart, etc. Graduate Tutor’s CPA/MBA/CFA tutors provide tutoring for decision tree software such as Treeplan or Palisade’s PrecisionTree online.  You can learn how to build Precisiontree with Graduate Tutor’s tutors online.  Precisiontree homework help & tutoring online is convenient and saves you valuable time.

In addition to decision tree homework help and tutoring, graduate Tutor’s CPA/MBA/CFA tutors also provide online tutoring and homework help in a variety of other subjects. Other topics that our operations research and decision analysis tutors and statistics tutors can assist you with include:

Please feel free to call us or email us if we can assist you with live tutoring for the above topics. If your topics are not listed here, we will try to find you a tutor too.