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NYU Stern School of Business believes in the mission that everything is possible through quality education and world exposure. The school has brought about a whole new dimension to the word “POSSIBLE” and has produced one of the world’s leading business education programs. It has two campuses: the Greenwich Village Campus and the Westchester Campus.

The school provides undergraduate, MBA and Master’s programs and also research programs in the field of business. The superior support it extends to its students is reflected in each and every person that has passed out from the school.

We at GraduateTutor.com provide tutoring for almost all the quantitative courses encountered in NYU-Stern business programs including the different MBA programs. This include the various corporate finance and valuation programs of Prof. Aswath Damodharan.

Business School & MBA Tutoring

The Stern School of Business has a dedicated site for MBA tutoring. It is an all inclusive site which students who are in search of tutoring and who want to tutor can visit. The tutors are those who are in MBA1 or MBA2 and have scored A, A- or placed out of the course they are tutoring and passed a subject specific quiz prepared by Stern faculty. Each tutor determines their own hourly rate. The students are to contact them to fix rates and schedule sessions after discussing with them. The major subjects for which tutoring is required are accounting, statistics, foundations of finance and firms and markets. For scheduling the classes with the tutors, students can also email academic@stern.nyu.edu.

Undergraduate tutoring @ NYU

Academic Resource Center

It is located in NYU’s Washington Campus at 18 Washington Pl, New York, NY 10003. The various tools through which students are guided include:

Cross School Advising

NYU understands that students might feel overwhelmed about the loads of opportunities thrown at them and hence might feel confused. This helps them to talk to advisers of other areas who help them explore opportunities on the other side and clarify if they want to change paths. Throughout the year, academic advisers from across the University and from various programs will be present in the ARC for walk-in advising and information sessions. Students need not book appointments and can just walk in after checking the schedule to know which area they need advice on. Latest cross school advising schedule is available here.

Study spaces, Tutoring and meeting rooms

All NYU students enrolled in an undergraduate course that is supported by the University Learning Center are eligible for free tutoring and academic support. The two locations of ULC are Academic, Resource Center, 18 Washington Place, Lower Level and University Hall, 110 East 14th Street, Main Level. Learning assistants who lead these sessions are current NYU undergrads who have received A or A- in any course they tutor, hold an overall GPA of 3.35 or higher, are recommended by faculty, instructors, and staff, are interviewed by the University Learning Center professional staff and have attended training.

The University Learning Centers provide individual and group review sessions for specific courses as well as academic coaching and skills workshops, absolutely free of charge.

Drop in Individual tutoring: Tutoring is conducted for around 35 subjects (list shown here) where students need not book appointments but just drop in at the scheduled time. The present schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Peer tutors help students with their doubts and guide them through their subjects.

Group Review: These are group sessions where students can talk to each other and seek help from others learning the same course. Courses for group review sessions are:

  • Humanities and Foreign Languages: Group sessions help supplement one’s classes and are designed to help students gain confidence in the language being learnt. Sessions are held for Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German and American Sign Language. Conversation Circles, one-on-one writing sessions, and weekly study groups for international and other undergraduate students for whom English is a second or other language are also held.
  • Social Science: Sessions are held for Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.
  • Math: Students can attend for Calculus I PTs, Math for Econ II.
  • Science: Principles of Biology II and Organic Chemistry II PTs sessions are held.

For more details and schedules, please visit the site.

Study Slams and Study Halls at NYU

Study Slams are held just a week before the major exams and act as a refresher and quick go through the major points. Worksheets are also provided to students to aid the session. Study halls are also conducted before the major exams; mostly the finals and help students review the material together with fellow classmates. Tutors supervise the sessions and answer questions students may have as they study together. These are conducted for Science, Social Science and Math. Schedules are listed here.

Academic Skills Workshop

These are short group workshops and discussion topics include proofreading, close reading to develop a thesis, study strategies, and more. It’s taken by Peer Academic Coaches and sessions are not just purely academic in nature, but teach skills for smooth sailing through their academic life. It is from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and are held in the Lewent Lounge on the 9th floor of the Silver Center. Academic Skill Workshop schedules can be found here.

Writing Center

It is a place where any NYU student can get help with his or her writing. The Writing Center is part of NYU’s Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Science. Students work closely with professional consultants at every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing except for exams. Remote Writing Center has also been started for NYU’s Global Students and it offers interactive writing consultation via Google’s video chat and document sharing functions for all students in the Global network. It is located at 411 Lafayette, 4th Floor New York.

Additional Academic Support

There are innumerable other tutoring sessions taken by each individual department.

  • Poly Tutoring Center: Focused on tutoring in engineering subjects at the School of Engineering. Tutoring is for computer science, physics, chemistry and biology for first- and second-year undergraduate courses during the academic year. Also, sessions are held for writing, reading and English language help in the Writing Center for undergraduate and graduate students at all levels. Visit the Poly Tutoring Center site here.
  • Courant Institute of Mathematical Science conducts Computer Science tutoring. Schedules can be accessed here.
  • Online French Tutorial and scheduled classes by the Department of French: Department of French at NYU has created a fun interactive online tool for anyone who is interested in learning French. It’s called Papier-Mâché’s and has 6 online capsules. Besides this, the department is also providing free French tutoring for all its students. French tutoring schedule can be seen here.
  • Tutoring by Department of Math: All tutoring sessions are walk-in only during the scheduled times listed on the room calendars. There are no reservations. All tutoring is held in Warren Weaver Hall, rooms 505 and 524. For details of the math department’s tutoring, click here.