Every quarter, we run a free Microsoft Excel Boot Camps as a part of our Pre MBA Boot camp series This Microsoft Excel Boot Camp has two parts – Beginners Microsoft Excel Boot Camp and an intermediate Microsoft Excel Boot Camp. We cover important database functions, text manipulations, pivot tables, logic and get you up to speed for your MBA program. The next set of Microsoft Excel boot camps are scheduled for:

  • Beginners Microsoft Excel Boot Camp on September 24, 2021 at 11.00 am ET; and
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel Boot Camp on December 17, 2021 at 11.00 am ET.

What is covered?

If you are not sure which of these boot camps you should attend, please feel free to test yourself using this quiz. We have also outlined the topics covered in both these boot camps below.

Beginners Microsoft Excel Boot Camp: Formulas, Basic formatting, Fixed and Relative reference, Count, Sum and Average family functions, If Basics, Pivot Basics, SumProduct, Sort and Data filters and related exercises.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Boot Camp: Vertical Lookup, Horizontal Lookup, Match, Index, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Tables, More on Pivot Tables and related exercises.

Free Registration

Please register by filling up the form below to register. Do sign up early as seats are limited. Also if you are a student, please use your university issued email address. We expect the program to get filled and first preference is given to students starting their MBA programs (or currently enrolled).

Our mission is to make the lives of MBA students easier by “Making Learning Easier” (That’s our motto – remember!). We believe that by improving your Microsoft Excel skills, your MBA life will get a lot easier! That is why we have the Microsoft Excel boot camp as part of our Pre MBA boot camp series. Other Microsoft Excel resources we have for you include:

We hope to see you for the boot camp. Do let your friends and family know of this boot camp so they can take advantage of it too. They will thank you for it!

How it Works

These Microsoft Excel Boot Camps are completely free and conducted as live and online webinars using Webex (a Cisco product).You can test Webex on your systems here ahead of the session. Tech support is also available at 1866 229 3239 should you need help. You will get an email invite and instructions to join the Webex meeting 30 minutes before your session.