Microsoft Excel is truly an amazing tool. For MBAs and professionals in the corporate world this is the Swiss knife in ones corporate kit. Microsoft Excel is a multipurpose handy tool used for a variety of purposes on an daily basis by a majority of corporate executives.

With over a thousand excel functions, Microsoft Excel can be daunting to learn. The 80/20 rule applies here. We believe that some of these functions will serve 80% of the needs of MBA students. We have made starting the process of learning easier for an MBA or CPA or CFA student easier by shortlisting 60 excel functions that is commonly used in business school or a management consulting environment.  Learning these 60 Microsoft Excel functions will save an MBA student hundreds of hours during his or her MBA program leaving more time to absorb other concepts, networking or just enjoying the b-school experience.  If you are looking for the complete list of excel functions, we have compiled a directory of excel functions by category here.

Top 60 Microsoft Excel functions for MBAs.

This is only our selection of the top 60 Microsoft Excel functions. We have compiled a directory of ALL Microsoft excel functions by category here. We will be happy to provide you private tutoring should you have issues understanding the application of any of these functions.

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