We are all hard pressed for time. This is especially true for MBA students of all types (executive MBA students, full time MBA students, on campus students or online students) because there is so much to read and do!  One way to have more time is to finish what we need to do faster saving time for other things! Since most of professionals in the corporate world and MBA students spend a significant time working with Microsoft Excel, we can definitely save time by getting what we need to get done faster on Microsoft Excel.

Saving Time with Microsoft Excel Shortcuts – Little drops make an ocean!

Thankfully Microsoft has provided us a number of shortcuts to use.  Each of these Microsoft Excel Shortcuts will save us only a few seconds on each action, but these savings add up. Say you use Microsoft Excel for 3 hours a day and we can use a shortcut every 5 minutes saving 30 seconds each time, we will end up saving almost two weeks a year!!!! (30 seconds x 12 5 minute units x 3 hours a day x 250 working days a year)

Where are you going on holiday with those 2 weeks you now have fee?

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts Categorized

We have categorized the Microsoft Excel shortcuts as follows for your convenience:

  • Ctrl+
  • Ctrl+Numbers
  • Ctrl+Alphabets
  • Function buttons
  • Others