Are you looking to ramp up your Microsoft Excel skills? Beginner to intermediate level skills or intermediate level to advanced Excel Pro? If you have plenty of free time, there are excellent books and online resources available – both free and paid (our picks below). If you don’t have much time or want to ramp up your Microsoft Excel skills very quickly,’s Microsoft Excel tutoring team is your best bet to get ahead on Microsoft Excel.

Graduate Tutor’s Microsoft Excel tutors are highly qualified professionals. They have experience using Microsoft Excel in various settings and industries for a wide variety of tasks. Our Microsoft Excel tutoring team members provide Microsoft Excel tutoring to students around the US . The common thread among our Microsoft Excel tutoring team is their love for teaching and their knowledge of Microsoft Excel and its applications in business, finance, accounting and operations.

Microsoft Excel Tutoring Team Members’ Background & Qualifications

The backgrounds of some members of the Microsoft Excel tutoring team are provided below. Our tutors are typically working professionals in various organizations and so often choose to stay anonymous.

  • Smith is an MBA from a highly ranked Business School in Texas. He has over 10 years of experience as a consultant and has been a Microsoft Excel tutor for over 7 years. Smith has tutored a wide variety of students including working professionals as well as MBA and BBA students on a range of topics including Microsoft Excel, finance, accounting and statistics.
  • Al is a PhD is financial engineering and has taught finance at the graduate and undergraduate level for over 3 decades. He has consulted with a large number of companies and is a published author.
  • Other free lance tutors do work with us when we have requests for specific skill sets or industry background.

Common Courses Requiring Specialized Microsoft Excel Tutoring

The Microsoft Excel Tutoring team tutors students from a wide variety of backgrounds and courses. Many universities and business programs teach Microsoft Excel. However, their content is inconsistant and use a wide variety of course names. A list of common courses / titles is provided below:

  • Introductory Microsoft Excel
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel: Uses and Applications
  • Analysis using Microsoft Excel
  • Spreadsheet Modeling using Microsoft Excel
  • Managerial applications Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel & Statistics
  • Microsoft Excel for Managers

We cover the above topics under the following categories:

  • Microsoft Excel Skills and Spreadsheet modeling
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel 
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Financial modeling

A joke going around in the Microsoft Excel Tutoring team is that they also provide tutoring for the common misspellings such as microsoft excl, microsoft excell, micorsoft exel, microsoft xcel and microsoft excell modelling! Below are some useful Microsoft Excel tutoring resources to move your Microsoft Excel skills few steps ahead. Enjoy learning Microsoft Excel……

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