Starting on your MBA program this summer or fall? Is the thought of learning accounting intimidating? Come join our accounting boot camp this summer. provides tutoring to MBA students on a variety of subjects and so are well placed to give you a head start on your classmates. Our CPA and MBA accounting tutors will get you geared up to sail through one of the first challenges the MBA throws at you.

The Accounting Boot Camp will cover:

  • An introduction to financial accounting and managerial accounting (management accounting).
  • Understanding the different types of accounting reports
  • Overview of the content, interpretation, and uses of accounting reports.
  • The accounting cycle and process.
  • Determination of net income.
  • Structure of the balance sheet.
  • Understanding the cash flow statement.
  • Theories and assumptions underlying financial statements.
  • Assessing the financial health of a company with ratio analysis.

Special pricing is available for various accounting tutoring packages. Please call or email us so that we can develop a customized package for you.

Our accounting boot camp will use a variety of online material as resources. You will not need to buy any additional material. However, if you already know the accounting text book prescribed by your accounting faculty/syllabus, please let us know and you can follow along with your prescribed text book.

Personalized Accounting Boot Camp

If you want to get an overview of accounting for any other reason such as to get prepared for your new role at work or to get ready for your new business, we can tailor a program to fit your needs and schedule. Email us or call us to get more details for your personalized accounting boot camp.

No MBA plans? Other reasons to get up to speed on accounting:

You will have several career opportunities if you pursue an accounting degree. You can consider getting your CPA Certification. More job opportunities will become available to you with the title. Some accountant job duties include; managing assets, budgeting, performing audits, preparing and analyzing financial reports and managing costs. There are several resources online that will help you decide if getting your CPA is the right choice for you.  You can learn more about becoming a CPA from Bryce Welker at Crush the CPA.

Another certificate to consider would be a CMA Certification. Research shows that getting your CMA allows you to move freely across all areas of business, including accounting, executive leadership, operations, IT and finance. For more information on becoming a CMA, check out CMA Coach.

Email or call us to get a head start in accounting.