If you are looking for private tutoring in more advanced accounting topics or if you would like to get familiar with financial statement analysis, you have come to the right place. Graduate Tutor can provide you with advanced accounting tutoring tailored to your financial statement analysis requirements.

Your objective may be to get an overview of the accounting concepts that are used to prepare the financial statements of a company. Or you may be interested in understanding the financial statement of a company or in dealing with a particular industry or accounting standard. You may just need assistance with your Financial Statement Analysis class in your MBA. Whatever your need is, Graduate Tutor’s pool of faculty can assist you with private tutoring.

The rates provided for Accounting Pro – Advanced Accounting / Financial Statement Analysis are only indicative in nature due to the wide variation in the complexity of the topics that assistance might be needed in. Please email/call us to discuss your exact need and to see how we can assist you.

A sample list of Advanced Accounting / Financial Statement Analysis courses we tutor in is below.

(Please email us if your course is not listed below and we will assist you.)

  • NBA 506 Financial Statement Analysis (Cornell MBA)
  • NBA 509 Advanced Financial Analysis (Cornell MBA)
  • Advanced Accounting (MGMT 503) (MGMT 590T) (Purdue Krannert PG)
  • Intermediate Accounting I (MGMT 351) (Purdue Krannert UG)
  • Valuation Principles (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (MGMT 590O) (Purdue Krannert PG)
  • Advanced Financial Strategy (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • ACT 331 Intermediate Accounting I (Cleveland UG)
  • ACT 332 Intermediate Accounting II (Cleveland UG)
  • ACT 441 Advanced Accounting (Cleveland UG)
  • NBA 500 Intermediate Accounting  (Cornell MBA)
  • International Finance (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • ACBU 3434 – Intermediate Financial Accounting I (Fordham UG)
  • ACBU 3435 – Intermediate Financial Accounting II (Fordham UG)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • Financial Markets (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • Enterprise and Private Equity Project (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • Financial Strategy (Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA)
  • Intermediate Accounting I (MGMT 350) (Purdue Krannert UG)
  • Introductory Tax Accounting (MGMT 504) (Purdue Krannert PG)
  • Forensic Accounting (MGMT 590N) (Purdue Krannert PG)
  • Accounting For Nonprofit and Governmental Entities (MGMT 590W) (Purdue Krannert PG)
  • Financial Statement Analysis: Applied Valuation (MGMT 602) (Purdue Krannert MBA)
  • Taxes and Business Strategy (MGMT 691A) (Purdue Krannert MBA)
  • Advanced Financial Reporting (MGMT 691B) (Purdue Krannert MBA)
  • International Accounting (MGMT 509) (Purdue Krannert PG)