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MBA students arrive for their MBA programs from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of them have been in finance, some in administration, and some in marketing. A few may have many years of experience while some join straight out of undergraduate programs. Given the wide variance in backgrounds, students will find the various programs presenting different levels of challenges. The finance folks may find the marketing courses a challenge while the advertising folks may find the finance courses a challenge. Those who have been out of an academic environment for a while may find just getting back to books a challenge.

Vanderbilt University and The Owen Graduate School of Management

We at Graduate Tutor provide live one on one tutoring help to Vanderbilt University students and especially the MBA students of the Owen Graduate School of Management. This tutoring assistance maybe as helping understand finance or specific finance homework help or advanced financial modeling classes, Graduate Tutor’s pool of expert finance tutors can offer you the tutoring help you need.

The Owen Graduate School of Management offers full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Masters of Science in Finance, PhD, and Executive Development programs. We provide live online tutoring for a variety of courses in these programs. Here is a sample list of courses we tutor students on.


  • EMGT 711      Financial Accounting
  • EMGT 722      Managerial Economics
  • EMGT 782      Statistics for Management Decisions
  • EMGT 731      Managerial Finance I
  • EMGT 721      Macroeconomics
  • EMGT 777A   Operations Management I
  • EMGT 777B   Managerial Accounting
  • EMGT 732      Managerial Finance II
  • EMGT 733      Managerial Finance III


  • MGT 402         Financial Economics II
  • MGT 432a       Corporate Valuation 
  • MGT 403         Econometrics
  • MGT 311         Introduction to Accounting
  • MGT 322         Managerial Economics
  • MGT 574         Management Science in Spreadsheets
  • MGT 432b      Corporate Financial Policy
  • MGT 513         Financial Statement Analyses
  • MGT 411         Financial Reporting 


  • MGT 314a        Ethical Leadership and Communications
  • MGT 314b        Ethical Leadership and Communications
  • MGT 322          Managerial Economics
  • MGT 331          Managerial Finance
  • MGT 411          Financial Reporting 
  • MGT 412          Taxation of Business and Investment Transactions 
  • MGT 414a        Research in Financial Reporting 
  • MGT 415a        Audit Institutions and Processes 
  • MGT 415b        Seminar in Advanced Audit Topics
  • MGT 417          Accounting Information Systems
  • MGT 413          Advanced Management Accounting
  • MGT 415c        Audit Internship
  • MGT 418         Marketing, Operations and Strategy
  • MGT 419         Directed Studies
  • MGT 511        Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • MGT 556         Introductions to Law and Business


  • MMHC 811       Accounting
  • MMHC 821       Economics
  • MMHC 831       Finance
  • MMHC 841       Leading Teams and Organizations
  • MMHC 861       Marketing
  • MMHC 871       Operations

Vanderbilt University was founded in 1873 by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt and is located a mile and a half from Nashville on a campus designated as a national arboretum. In 1969, the Owen Graduate School of Management kicked off with ten students and ten faculty members in a former funeral home. Today, Owen is one of the world’s top business schools and is widely recognized for its challenging academics, stimulating and innovative research environment, strong student/faculty ratio and a spirit of teamwork. The school was renamed in 1977 in honor of Lulu and Ralph “Peck” Owen, former chairman of American Express.