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Our MBA tutors assist Purdue students with a variety of courses offered by the accounting, finance and quantitative methods programs.

Purdue’s Krannert School of Management has a variety of business programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  At the graduate level Purdue has a full time MBA program, an EMBA program, a weekend MBA program, three one-year programs and an international MBA program. 


Undergraduate Courses 
Introductory Accounting (MGMT 200) Dr. Greig
Introductory Accounting (MGMT 200T) Michael Hayden
Management Accounting (MGMT 201) Professor Rowe
Intermediate Accounting I (MGMT 350) Professors Eskew and Orpurt

Graduate & Upper Level Undergraduate            
Advanced Accounting (MGMT 503) (MGMT 590T) Professor Li
Introductory Tax Accounting (MGMT 504) Professor Hatcher
Advanced Management Accounting (MGMT 505) Professor Thoman
Auditing (MGMT 506) Scott Sorensen
International Accounting (MGMT 509) Dr. Greig
Management Control Systems and Auditing (MGMT 590A)
Financial Statement Analysis (MGMT 590O) Professor Ro
Forensic Accounting (MGMT 590N) Dr. Greig
Accounting For Nonprofit and Governmental Entities (MGMT 590W) Ron Jastrzebski

MBA Courses                                                         
Financial Accounting (MGMT 600) Professor Anilowski
Managerial Accounting (MGMT 601) Professor Thoman
Financial Statement Analysis: Applied Valuation (MGMT 602) Professor Bagnoli and Ron Jastrzebski
Taxes and Business Strategy (MGMT 691A) Professor Bagnoli
Advanced Financial Reporting (MGMT 691B)


Undergraduate Courses
Management Accounting (MGMT 201)
Intermediate Accounting I (MGMT 351)
Financial Management (MGMT 310)
Investment Management (MGMT 411)
Advanced Corporate Finance (MGMT 413)
International Finance (MGMT 415)

Graduate Courses

MGMT 610 Financial Management I
MGMT 611 Financial Management II
Corporate Finance Track
MGMT 641 Options and Futures
MGMT 612 Financial Management III
MGMT 615 International Financial Management
MGMT 644 Managing the Corporate Capital Structure
MGMT 645 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Control
MGMT 643 Financial Risk Management
MGMT 691F Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Finance

Investment Track
MGMT 641 Options and Futures
MGMT 614 Portfolio Management
MGMT 642 Security Analysis
MGMT 643 Financial Risk Management

Other Courses
MGMT 690G Spreadsheet Modeling
MGMT 690Z Strategic Cost Management