We provide statistics tutoring for a variety of statistics courses including Managerial Statistics, Statistics for Managers, Data Analysis & Statistics, Statistics Concepts & Methods, etc. Read on to find out how our statistics tutors can assist you with live online one on one statistics tutoring so you truly understand statistics and data analysis.

Common topics covered by our statistics tutors

Our statistics tutors provide live statistics tutoring in the statistics topics covered in an MBA, CPA or CFA program including:

  • Collecting and Analyzing dataStatistics Text book: Statistics for Business and Economics Anderson, Williams, Sweeney, Freeman and Shoesmith
  • Using Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  • Graphing and describing data in tables and charts
  • Descriptive measures
  • Probability and business decisions
  • Probability distributions (discrete probability distributions & continuous probability distributions)
  • Time series forecasting
  • Decision making
  • Confidence interval estimation (with known and unknown standard deviations)
  • Hypothesis testing (with the z test approach, t test approach, p value approach, one tail test, two tail test, etc)
  • Two sample tests
  • Analysis of variance or ANOVA
  • Chi Square tests and other non parametric tests
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Regression model building

This is a sample list only. We will be happy to provide you statistics tutoring in the topics you need assistance with.

Textbooks used by our statistics tutoring team

Our statistics tutors are well-versed in statistics and can tutor students from any statistics and data analysis textbook. In our experience, the most popular tutoring requests have been for:

  • Levine, Stephan, Krehbiel and Berenson’s Statistics for ManagersStatistics for managers Levine Berenson Krehbiel Stephan
  • Albright, Winston and Zappe’s Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel
  • Anderson, Sweeney, Williams and Freeman’s Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Levine, Stephan, Krehbiel and Berenson’s  Business Statistics: A First Course
  • Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm and Martin’s Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Bowerman & O’Connell’s Business Statistics in Practice
  • Bertsimas and Freund’s Data, Models, and Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science
  • Schleifer and Bell’s Data Analysis, Regression, and Forecasting
  • Groebner, Shannon, Fry, and Smith, A Course in Business Statistic
  • McClave, Benson, and Sincich, Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Golnick and Smith, The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

This is only a sample list of the statistics textbooks our statistics tutoring team has used to tutor students . Your statistics tutor will use the textbook prescribed in your statistics course or your professor’s notes to assist you.

Backgrounds & qualifications of our statistics tutors

Our statistics tutors are PhDs, MBAs and CPAs.  Our tutors are typically working professionals in various organizations and so prefer not to post their profiles online. We will be happy to provide you your statistics tutor’s background before you start being tutored by GraduateTutor.com.

Statistics courses come in “different shapes, sizes and styles”

All universities and business programs teach statistics.  However, they set different standards, focus on different topics and use a wide variety of course names.  A list of common courses / titles is provided below:

  • Introductory StatisticsData Analysis and Decision Making by Christian Albright, Wayne Winston and Christopher Zappe
  • Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Statistics Concepts & Methods
  • Business Statistics
  • Statistics and Management
  • Principles of Statistics & Measurements
  • Managerial Statistics
  • Statistics for Managers

We will be happy to assist you with statistics tutoring for your statistics course whatever your professor has named it!

Statistics courses we have provided statistics tutoring in

A sample list of courses we have tutored students in include:

  • BA 386T – Statistics, UT McCombs MBAStatistics for Business and Economics by Anderson, Williams and Sweeney
  • MBAA 603: Business Statistics, Loyola Maryland University
  • 6N:216 Data and Decisions University of Iowa
  • ITOM Business Statistics Cox School of Business
  • EXP 420 – Managerial Decision Analysis,Simon Graduate School, Rochester
  • BA 575: Statistics For Business, Schiller International University
  • BUS 550E: Decision Analysis, Emory
  • B6014 Managerial statistics, Columbia
  • DG7820 Statistical reasoning, Fordham
  • Statistics for management, Cornell MBA
  • OMS503 Statistical methods, Cleveland
  • Managerial decision making, Cornell MBA
  • BUS 550Y Data/decision analytics, Emory
  • GM533 Applied Managerial Statistics, Keller
  • B8899 Applied Regression Analysis, Columbia GSB MBB & EMBA
  • Managerial Decision Making, ChicagoBooth
  • Managerial Statistics, ChicagoBooth
  • GM530 Managerial Decision Making, Keller
  • B7014 Managerial Statistics, Columbia
  • B01 Statistics and Data Analysis, NYU Stern
  • 465: Quantitative Methods for Managers
  • B90 Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis, NYU-Stern, New York City
  • 463: Data Analysis and Management Decisions under Uncertainty,  UCLA
  • B90 Forecasting Time Series Data, NYU – Stern
  • 15.060 Data, Models, and Decisions, MIT
  • B90 Mathematics of Investment, NYU-Stern
  • C22 Statistics for Business Control EMBA
  • Data Analysis, Statistics & Decision Making
  • B90.3302 Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis, NYU-Stern

This is only a sample list of statistics courses we have covered in the recent past. We will be happy to provide you statistics tutoring in your specific statistics class.

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