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We are excited to announce the launch of a new Microsoft Excel Boot Camp for university administrative staff and faculty.  Most administrative staff and faculty use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, be it sorting or counting student names, gathering and analyzing participation data, tracking lunch requests or expense reports, reporting and analyzing grades, etc. We believe that being proficient in Microsoft Excel will help them get these jobs done faster so they have more time to focus on other important aspects of their work!

This Microsoft Excel Boot Camp has two parts – Beginners Microsoft Excel Boot Camp and an Intermediate Microsoft Excel Boot Camp. We cover important database functions, text manipulations, pivot tables, logic and more.

Please call or email us if you think the administrative staff or faculty at your university will benefit from more Microsoft Excel skills.

“GraduateTutor.com boot camps open the door to regular excel training and assistance for all staff direct from their office. The email helpline also provides assistance for complicated annual projects and for applying new techniques to regular tasks. By improving Excel abilities staff feel more confident, efficient and gain transferable skills.”

Eva Reavley, Senior Admin Associate at BBA Program Office, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin


How this happened

Every quarter since 2014, we ran two free Microsoft Excel Boot Camps as a part of our Pre-MBA Boot camp series We began to see a few faculty and staff join in these programs but discovered that they use Microsoft Excel for different purposes. We therefore surveyed administrative faculty to identify their use cases and developed a list of Microsoft Excel functions that are more commonly used by them.

We have also selected queries and use cases from the 24 hour Microsoft Excel help line service to add to the content covered in these boot camps.

What is covered?

If you are not sure which of these boot camps you should attend, please feel free to test yourself using this quiz. We have also outlined the topics covered in both these boot camps below.

Beginners Microsoft Excel Boot Camp: Formulae, Basic formatting, Text functions, Count, Sum and Average family functions, Sort and Data filters and related exercises.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Boot Camp: Pivot Tables, Vertical Lookup, Horizontal Lookup, Match, Index, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Tables, and related exercises.

How it Works

These Microsoft Excel Boot Camps are conducted live and online using Webex (a Cisco product) or other similar meeting tool used by your university/ college. You can test Webex on your systems here ahead of the session. Tech support is also available at 1866 229 3239 should you need help. You will get an email invite and instructions to join the Webex meeting 30 minutes before your session.