Live, Online, Private, Tutoring

Graduate Tutor provides live online private tutoring. The key words are live, online, private and tutoring. To elaborate further:


Our tutoring is live tutoring. You will interact in real time with a live tutor. You are not going to have to watch a video or read more text. A live tutor will tutor you on the MBA topic or subject you need help with.You will be able to talk to your tutor, hear your tutor and see what your tutor is doing on a sheet of paper, in Word, Excel or PowerPoint just as if you were sitting across each other at your library, office or local coffeeshop! This is the case even if your tutor is walking you through specific tools used in MBA programs such as Crystal Ball simulation or Minitab or Solver!


We conduct our tutoring sessions online. Our online tutoring classroom replicates a face-to-face tutoring session. You can speak to the tutor, share notes, share presentations, work through questions and problems as though you were next to each other – all this from the comfort of your home, school or office !

All you need are a computer and a headset with a microphone and you are ready to go (see the FAQ section for computer requirements).  If you have used a messenger service like Yahoo, AOL, MSN or Skype, you have the technical skills to use our classroom!  Try it to believe it !


This is private tutoring! You will not be sitting in a class filled with five or ten or a hundred other MBA students! Our tutor’s full focus is YOU. Our MBA and CPA tutors will work on areas of interest to you at a pace that is suitable for you. You can ask all your questions without any embarrassment or fear of slowing down your classmates.


We get questions on this too. We do not just provide solutions. Our CPA and MBA tutors really do tutor you. They will spend time explaining the concepts, approaches and steps to tackle the questions you have so that you truly understand what you are doing. Our goal is that, in the future, you can independently do what you learn from us .

We get a lot of questions on what we will and will not do. The above addresses what we do. Read here for more on what we will not do – this includes answers for questions such as “Will you do my homework for me?”  and “Can you do my exam for me?” The short answer is “No”; but read on to understand why!