Financial Accounting or Introductory Accounting is usually among the first courses business school students encounter in their BBA, MBA or CPA programs. Understanding financial accounting is critical to understanding the performance of a company. Companies use annual reports to communicate their financial performance to all stakeholders. Annual reports usually consist of:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Statement of Cash flows
  • Notes and supporting schedules
  • Opinion of the independent certified public accountant

The foundations of the above financial statements are derived from financial accounting and management accounting principles. Accounting 101 provides you with private tutoring options to quickly gain an understanding of the principles and concepts used to prepare the financial statements of a company.

Topics covered include the role of accounting, financial accounting concepts, financial accounting theory, accounting standards, accounting systems, bookkeeping principles, the accounting cycle, accounting for revenue, expenses, asset, liability and share holders’ equity, closing entries, accounting trial balance, preparation of financial statements and interpretation of accounting information. provides tutoring for all your needs from basic math and statistical data analysis to tutoring in advanced math and statistical methods such as regression analysis and multiple regression model building that show up in business school programs.

A sample list of financial accounting courses we tutor in is below.

(Please email us if your course is not listed below and we will be glad to assist you.)

512E – Financial Accounting & Reporting (Emory Goizueta Weekend EMBA)
BUS 512: Financial Reporting (Emory Goizueta Full-Time MBA)
BUS 515 – Financial Reporting (Emory Goizueta One Year MBA)
512M Financial Accounting & Reporting (Emory Goizueta Modular EMBA)
Financial Accounting (Cornell Executive MBA)
Introductory Accounting (MGMT 200) (Purdue Krannert UG)
Introductory Accounting T (MGMT 200T) (Purdue Krannert UG)
Financial Accounting (MGMT 600) (Purdue Krannert MBA)
Core-Financial Accounting (Cornell MBA)
ACT 501 Financial Accounting (Cleveland MBA)
ACT 221 Introductory Accounting I (Cleveland UG)
ACT 222 Introductory Accounting II (Cleveland UG)
ACT 361 Tax I (Cleveland UG)
ACT 388 Accounting Systems (Cleveland UG)
ACT 451 Auditing (Cleveland UG)
ACT 453 Information Systems Auditing (Cleveland UG)
ACT 460 International Accounting (Cleveland UG)
ACT 462 Tax II (Cleveland UG)
ACT 484 Governmental and Institutional Accounting (Cleveland UG)
ACT 460 International Accounting (Cleveland UG)
ACT 462 Tax II (Cleveland UG)
ACT 453 Information Systems Auditing (Cleveland UG)
ACT 455 Internal Auditing (Cleveland UG)
B6013 – Accounting I — Financial accounting (Columbia MBA)
Financial Accounting (Columbia EMBA)
ACBU 2222 – Principles of Financial Accounting (Fordham UG)
ACBU 3443 – Assurance & Auditing (Fordham UG)
ACBU 3445 – Corporate & Partnership Taxation (Fordham UG)
Foundations of Accounting & Finance (Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA)
Financial Accounting (Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA)