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Variance Homework Help & Tutoring

Variance homework typically tests your understanding on a key concept in statistics. Data tends to exhibit certian charecteristics. Understanding these charecteristics is very important if you are to use data effectively and's variance homework help and tutoring team is focussed on making sure you understand these concepts well.


In statistics, the variance of a random number, probability distribution, or any variable is a measure of statistical dispersion. Variance is the sum of the squared differences around the arithmetic mean divided by the sample size minus one. While the mean describes the location of a distribution, the variance describes its spread. The standard deviation is the square root of the variance and has the original units.


Statistical data analysis can improve decision making in business, academics and life in general.  The understanding of variance and the analysis of variance is a key aspect of statistical data analysis.


Variance is one of the most important measures of variation with a wide range of applications in statistics and data analysis.  Variance describes the pattern in which values fluctuate around the mean.  Variance might sound complicated but the Statistical Tutor group is well equipped to tutor you on variance and its applications in statistical data analysis. The following is a sample of the topics you can get online tutoring or homework help with a private tutor.


Standard deviation

Analysis of variance

Applications of variance

Methods to interpret variance 




Interquartile range


Graduate Tutor's expert statistics tutor panel consist of MBA, CPAs or CFAs who can provide you variance homework help and tutoring and other MBA topics.  Email us for more information.