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In today’s technology driven world, information and data are plentiful. Successful managers need to analyze data and use it effectively. Data analysis and statistical analysis skills are required in finance, marketing, economics, operations and production. See examples of data analysis and statistical tools used in the business world below.

Graduate Tutor provides private tutoring for various statistics, data analysis and decision making courses. Graduate Tutor provides MBA students, medical students, and various research and doctorate students with data analysis tutoring and homework help. We can tailor a data analysis, decision making or statistics program to suit your needs. Data analysis can be done using Python or R programming too.

Statistics and Data Analysis Courses Tutored

See the various statistics and data analysis courses GraduateTutor.com provides tutoring support for below.

  • Business Decision Models (Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA)
  • BUS 550: Data and Decision Analytics (Emory Goizueta Full-Time MBA)
  • BUS 550Y – Data & Decision Analytics (Emory Goizueta One Year MBA)
  • 550M Decision & Information Analysis (Emory Goizueta Modular EMBA)
  • Core Subject -Statistics for Management (Cornell MBA)
  • OMS 503 Statistical Methods for Business Decisions (Cleveland MBA)
  • OMS 448 Queuing and Simulation (Cleveland UG)
  • OMS 431 Sampling and Experimental Designs (Cleveland UG)
  • OMS 433 Data Analysis (Cleveland UG)
  • B6014 – Managerial statistics (Columbia MBA)
  • DG7820 Statistical Reasoning (Fordham MBA)
  • Statistics for Management (Cornell Executive MBA)
  • Managerial Decision Making (Cornell Executive MBA)

Data analysis/decision making in the business world

Statistics and data analysis in auditing: It is impossible for auditors to check all the transactions entered into by a company during the accounting period. Auditors rely on data analysis and statistical sampling to conduct audits.

Statistics and data analysis in accounting: Accountants need to provide futures losses under a variety of accounts such as provisions for bad debts, pilferage, exchange rate fluctuations, etc. Often these figures are arrived at based on an analysis of historical data and statistical inference.

Statistics and data analysis in finance: Financial managers draw heavily on data to make various decisions. Historical returns, ratios, averages, deviations, decision trees and forecasting techniques all have elements of statistics.

Statistics and data analysis in operations and production: A large part of quality control improvements is based on statistical data analysis. Performance data is gathered extensively at various points and analyzed to identify the production points that need improvement.

Other operations research and statistics topics that our statistics tutors can assist you with include: