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Maths, Statistics, Statistical data analysis & Decision making

Math and statistics creep into our lives everyday in multiple ways whether we are aware of it or not. Deciding whether to lease or buy a car or computing the effective rate of interest on your home, involves analysis of data, math and statistics. Live online tutoring is an effective way to learn the math and statistics underlying decisions that we take for granted.


Business school students will encounter math and statistics in a variety of programs. See a sample list of courses that we provide private tutoring in below.


Often, we need to learn math for other reasons. You may be preparing for or currently enrolled in a program that requires a level of familiarity with math such as an MBA or CPA. Or you may be trying to master a subject that draws heavily on math such as finance. It could be that you are preparing for the GRE or the GMAT. Reading a text book may help some math students but for many it takes too much time or is a challenge. Live online tutoring is an efficient way to learn what you need.


We offer math and statistics tutoring on a variety of topics. For convenience we have classified our math and statistics into a few categories:


Business math: Whether you would like to quickly brush up on your basic math skills or prepare for a new job or to manage your personal finances, we can tailor a program to suit your needs. Topics include fundamental arithmetic, compound interest, mortgages, interest, taxes, percentages, math for personal investments, interest computations, probability, applied algebra and much more.


Business statistics: In today’s data intensive world, the most successful managers are those who can understand and use information effectively. Statistical analysis is a critical tool in finance, marketing, economics, operations and production. We can tailor a program to suit your needs.


Math summer camp: Get a head start in Mathematics.. Let us know what you would like to learn and we can tailor a program to match your needs.


Sample courses


15.060 Data, Models, and Decisions (MIT Sloan)
402: Data Analysis, Statistics and Decision Making  (UCLA)
463: Data Analysis and Management Decisions under Uncertainty  (UCLA)
465: Quantitative Methods for Managers  (UCLA)
B01.1305 Statistics and Data Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B01.1305 Statistics and Data Analysis (Stern MBA)
B90.2301 Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B90.2302 Forecasting Time Series Data (NYU-Stern)
B90.2309 Mathematics of Investment (NYU-Stern)
B90.3301 Introduction to the Theory of Probability (NYU-Stern)
B90.3302 Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B90.3303 Multivariate Statistical Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B90.3304 Advanced Theory of Statistics (NYU-Stern)
B90.3305 Bayesian Inference and Statistical Decision Theory (NYU-Stern)
B90.3306 Time Series Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B90.3307 Categorical Data (NYU-Stern)
B90.3308 Sampling Techniques (NYU-Stern)
B90.3309 Experimental Design (NYU-Stern)
B90.3314 Statistical Computing and Sampling Methods with Applications to Finance (NYU-Stern)
B90.3352 Advanced Theory of Probability (NYU-Stern)
B90.3383 Frequency Domain Time Series Analysis (NYU-Stern)
C22.0001 Statistics for Business Control  (NYU-Stern)
C22.0003 Regression and Forecasting Models  (NYU-Stern)
C22.0008/B90.2308 Applied Stochastic Processes for Financial Models (NYU-Stern)
C22.0010 Categorical Data (NYU-Stern)
C22.0011 Sampling Techniques (NYU-Stern)
C22.0014 Introduction to the Theory of Probability (NYU-Stern)
C22.0014/B90.3301 Introduction to the Theory of Probability (NYU-Stern)
C22.0015 Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis (NYU-Stern)
C22.0015/B90.3302 Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis (NYU-Stern)
C22.0017 Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis (NYU-Stern)
C22.0017/B90.2301 Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis (NYU-Stern)
C22.0018 Forecasting Time Series Data (NYU-Stern)
C22.0018/B90.2302 Forecasting Time Series Data (NYU-Stern)
C22.0021 Introduction to Stochastic Processes (NYU-Stern)
C22.0027 Mathematics of Investments (NYU-Stern)
C22.0027/B90.2309 Mathematics of Investment (NYU-Stern)
C22.0103 Statistics for Business Control and Regression and Forecasting Models (NYU-Stern)
Data Analysis & Management Decisions (UCLA)
Math 31A.  Calculus and Analytic Geometry - A (UCLA)
Math 31B. Calculus and Analytic Geometry - B (UCLA)
Statistics 11.  Introduction to Statistical Methods for Business and Economics. (M11.) (UCLA)
V63.0121 Calculus I  (NYU-Stern)
V63.0122, Calculus II (NYU-Stern)
V63.0123, Calculus III (NYU-Stern)
V63.0124, Linear Algebra (NYU-Stern)


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